The theme for the Governor LeRoy Collins Farm Park is
“Making a Difference”

This is more than just a slogan; it is the purpose of the entire project. As agriculture plays an important and far reaching role in all aspects of our lives, the Farm Park will have the opportunity to make an impact on everyone in our community.  

Making a Difference” for our youth:

•    Volunteer opportunities
•    Farm tours
•    4-H Club
•    Nutrition programs
•    Field Trips
•    Summer Camp
•    After School Programs

Making a Difference” in the Environment:

•    Composting
•    Bio-digester
•    Solar
•    Windmill
•    Fuel cell technology
•    Organic Farming
•    Educational programs

Making a Difference” for Special Need children and their families:

•    The park will provide equestrian programs for the special needs population. One in 50 children now has developmental disabilities. Programs will be targeted for children with the following:

             Cerebral Palsy
             Cerebral Vascular Accident
             Developmental Delay
             Down Syndrome
             Functional Spinal Curvature  
             Learning or language disabilities
             Multiple Sclerosis
             Sensory Integrative Dysfunction
             Traumatic Brain Injury

•     Sustainable programs for At-Risk Students.

Making a Difference” in our community:

•    Community Gardens
•    Research
•    Special Events
•    Farmer's Market

•    Public Meeting Space
•    Adult volunteer opportunities

•    And More!