Friends of the Davie Farm Park

Friends of the Davie Farm Park is a non-profit organization that has been created to assist in fundraising and will carry out a variety of functions in support of the Farm Park to include, but not limited to, alternative energy, farming of crops, grazing livestock, aqua-culture, and best management practices.

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For 70 years, the Broward County Farm Bureau has been an integral part of the agricultural community, bringing farmers, ranchers and nurserymen together to solve issues collectively, providing a voice in local, county, state, and federal government. Farm Bureau studies and promotes better cultural and research practices, product quality improvement, improved marketing methods and market stabilization. Today with over 3,500 members, the Farm Bureau provides educational programs in schools and to the general public.  

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The Project Stable Foundation is a non-profit equestrian and farm program that works with Special Needs children and provides agricultural education to the general public. It’s mission is three fold: 1. Provide a program for Special Needs children through the use of horses and farm animals to help them overcome their disabilities. 2. Provide agricultural education to school age children to allow them to understand the importance of agriculture and what role it has in the everyday lives. 3. Provide volunteer opportunities for college and high school students to learn the importance of volunteering, and the difference they can make in the life of a special needs child. Project Stable also provides programs and special event days for other community organizations. In 2015 more than 3000 students attended our programs. Some of the organizations we currently work with include Broward County 4-H and Old Davie School Historical Museum. 

To learn about our current programs for Special Needs children or to become a volunteer visit our web site at